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FEMbruary 2023 pt. 2 – Two New Sisters for the Squad

FEMbrurary is off to a running start! I was able to build two new Sisters of Battle tonight, using various bits and kits, but trying to stick to a unified, if anarchic, theme.

Here’s the first Sister:

And the second one:

I need to clean up the mold lines and I’m debating adding more Imperial and/or esoteric iconography. Also gonna have to do something to make the pants a little less kinky on the second one. I’ll figure something out.

Lots of fun, all the same. Seven more to go on the squad. I don’t know anything about what’s “game legal” for a Sisters squad, but this crew will be a mix of bolters, close combat weapons, and maybe a special weapon or two.

Thanks for visiting the Temple. Hope your February/FEMbruary is off to a great start!


2 responses to “FEMbruary 2023 pt. 2 – Two New Sisters for the Squad”

  1. Both nice dynamic minis! 🙂 Fembuary is one of the challenges I don’t participate in, since I never have any female figures to paint (I have two civilian ladies from 1900 and one Russian female radio operator from WW2 and that’s it)!

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