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Septic Infantry pt. 1 – The Blessed, support weapons, and veterans

These guys are getting their own category title. I’ve been busy building new additions to the army. First up are some support weapons and some relatively-unmodified pox walkers I’m going to call “The Blessed” – Septic Infantry that have eschewed their protective gear and willingly exposed themselves to the toxic environments they operate in, leading to horrific results.

Some basic infantry, looking for trouble:

And the first of my veteran squad, a group of fanatics that call themselves “The Cult of the Plague Beyond the Stars” (showing those pesky Genestealers can infiltrate just about anything):

Squad Chieftain
Banner and claw

I now have a command squad, two basic infantry squads, an Ash Wastes Nomads anti-tank squad, a smattering of special weapons troopers to swap in, and the makings of a third, veteran squad. Lots of fun to build and paint.

On another note, I had a game of 40k against a friend this past weekend. His Chaos Knights against my Orks. He mopped the fucking floor with me, but I took out three full-sized Knights in a single turn, with a souped-up Warboss destroying one nearly on his own, so I got my licks in.

Here are some pics. I didn’t take enough:

Three dead Knights on the box in the background, and a depleted my half of the board. Fun times.

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