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Rampart Division pt. 10 – The Big Brothers

I’d had an idea for the Rampart Division (my WWII American GI-themed 40K Imperial Guard) that had been kicking around in my head for a while, and I finally moved on it.

I needed plastic army men. Specifically, I needed their heads.

Not finding any army men sets that looked appropriate at the local stores, I rolled the dice and bought a couple of sets online. I don’t know what has happened to army men since I was a kid, but I couldn’t seem to find any the size I was looking for, the size I’d remembered them being

These turned out to be too big:

And these were way too small:

(Though they were fun colors.)

Not wanting to try my luck on a third attempt at ordering army men, I decided, oh well, what the heck, I’d use the bigger heads for some kind of goonish figures, what I’d been calling “Big Brothers.”

And here they are:

They’re chunky bois too. Here they are compared to the “standard” Rampart Division troopers:

The bodies are from the Chaos Warriors kit and the weapons are Grey Knight special weapons that I’d been hoping to find some use for.

The heads are admittedly cartoony, but I kind of like it, like these are pulpy caricatures of men. I picture the Big Brothers as subjects of gene-wright science, maybe Ogryns pressed into service, maybe heroes granted newer, more powerful bodies. I picture them wading into battle at the decisive moment to turn the tide in the Imperials favor, or to press the advances of the unmodified Rampart troopers, brutal and death-dealing.

I’ve got the bits to make a few more for an army command squad. Stay tuned for more.

Thanks for visiting the Temple.

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