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The Temple pt. 6 – What I’ve Been Up To

I realize the blog’s been a little quiet lately and I’ve been missing the dopamine hit of interacting with you all. I finally got a chance to do some hobbying last night, flitting from one project to another, but it felt good. Here are the results of those efforts:

Septic Infantry:

I built a machine gun team and an extra rifleman to flesh out the second squad into a heavy weapons unit:

And here they are with their squad brothers:

I built a special weapons trooper for my Samurai-themed Imperial Guard platoon:

And some additional troopers for the Rampart Division, my WWII American GI-themed Imperial Guard force. The shotguns are for the third (assault) squad, while the basic riflemen are additional troops that’ll allow me to play with squad size and composition:

I have a shipment of more Warlord Games Samurai sprues that are due to arrive this week and my plan is to finish a 20-man platoon after that. I also have been building “Marauder” (veteran) squads for my Renegades & Heretics force. I’ll need to showcase those soon.

Stay tuned. Thanks for visiting the Temple!

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