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40K Samurai pt. 2 – Proof of Concept

The Warlord Games Ashigaru sprue arrived just before I left for a weeklong vacation, so I didn’t get a chance to build them until I got back on Thursday. What a lot of conversion fun.

Here are the first of my “40K Samurai.”

Squad leader:



And the full fire team:

Like I said, lots of fun. I built most of the team in one 30-minute flurry of hobbying. Like the Warlord Games Bolt Action figures that I’ve been using for the Imperial Guard Rampart Division, the dimensions are just a little off from the Games Workshop “heroic scale” bits, so conversion was a bit of a challenge. I had some luck with AdMech and Genestealer weapons and bits that are a little smaller and closer to the Warlord Games dimensions.

I’ve run out of bodies after this first round of building, but I plan to continue the project once I get ahold of more bits.

Thanks for visiting the Temple.

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