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Renegade Reinforcements pt. 14 – Painted Septic Infantry

I dug in this week and added bodies to my Septic Infantry force. I even painted them!

I did run out of inspiration and bits part of the way through building Second Squad, but there are still seven troopers (a favored number of Nurgle, at least). You’ve seen a few of these in unpainted form, but here they are:

Count the Seven

And the Command Squad, with some colorful characters, icons, signals, and special weapon support:

Septic Cardinal. He was a fun kitbash and my first attempt at painting flames. It’s… passable.
I paint the bases of my special weapons troopers red so that my poor eyes can find them on the tabletop
Septic Command Squad

And here are the assembled Septic Infantry (so far):

The bases need some work, and every time I look at the models, I see touch-ups that need to be made. But overall, I’m happy with them. Easing my way into trying to paint more often and just enjoying it.

Thanks for taking a look, and for visiting the Temple.

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