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Renegades pt. 12 – Some Painted Troops

As promised, here are some painted models from my Warhammer 40,000 Renegades & Heretics army. I call this army The Marching Slaughter, and I picture them as a vast and diverse force, made up of former Imperial Guard troopers, rebels and freedom fighters, cultists and fanatics, mercenaries and soldiers of fortune, pirates and brigands, mutants and the Chaos-tainted. Their motives are varied and they can be found in the service and employ of a wide range of masters. They are enemies of the Imperium.

Here are a couple of squads from the professional core of the army, a former Imperial Guard regiment, their numbers bolstered by hard-bitten zealots from the lower ranks.

(I tell myself the varying skin tones reflect the different worlds these trooper came from, but really, it’s because I didn’t own the paint I needed when I painted the squad on top.)
(Red right hands to show allegiance to the Red Corsairs and my Death Guard.)

And here is the completed first squad of my Septic Infantry. There’s still some work on them I’d like to do, but I’m calling them done for now. Hoping to have elements of the second squad painted this weekend:

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve avoided painting models for a number of years, but I’m starting to enjoy it. I still need to improve and any C&C is welcome.

Thanks for visiting the Temple.

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